HAEM – Unfolding paths of the Placenta


HD video / 31,53 min

HAEM – unfolding paths of the placenta documents the behind scenes of the Bio Art & Design Awards winning project HAEM. Concept developed by the artist Cecilia Jonsson and  Dr. Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira, The Netherlands Cancer lnstitute. Commissioned by Bio Art & Design Awards 2016 with the support of ZonMw, the Arts Council Norway and the City of Bergen.

The film project was made in cooperation with Clara J:son Borg (editor, camera, sound), Signe Tørå Karsrud (camera), Laurent Fluttert (grader), Sergio Cuervo Gonzalez (sound) and Marcello Sodano (sound design, mix, music). Special thanks to Lievnath Faber, Sara Mainardi, Thijs Van der Manakker, Etelka Moll and Anna Sand.

In HAEM, artist Cecilia Jonsson and scientist Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira assembled a compass needle made of metallic iron extracted from the blood contained in discarded, postpartum human placentas. This guidance object was presented in a placenta-inspired labyrinth and served as a metaphor for the explorative nature of humans.

HAEM received an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica; Hybrid Art 2017 and the HAEM installation has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world.

Link to the film: https://www.ceciliajonsson.com/3-haem-film