Online from 17th of December
PRAKSIS PRESENTS; a conversation with Nicholas Jones
Interview and presentation of the film A liaison to a life no longer ordered from above

21st of December
Kortfilmsdagen. Galleri CC, Malmö, Sweden
Screening of A liaison to a life no longer ordered from above

7th-27th of December
Minor Asia, Group Show, Yellow Brick, Athens, Greece
Showing the film A liaison to a life no longer ordered from above

1st-30th of June
Residency at Yellow Brick, Athens
Working on a collective performance work with invited artist and dancers Aris
Papadopoulos, Aspasia Giannoulaki, Christos Fousekis, Christina Karagianni,

Markella Ksilogiannopoulou and Stella Dimitrakopoulou

22nd of February - 6th of March
Like A Not-Knowing, Atten Project Space, Rotterdam


5th-8th of February

Prospect and Concepts, Mondriaan Fond, Rotterdam Art Fair


Awarded the studio grant from Jönköpings Läns Kulturråd.

The residency will take place from the 5th of August- 1st of September

at Rum203, Jönköping Läns Museum, Jönköping, Sweden

3rd of January- 1st of February

Residency at Institut für alles mögliches, Berlin, Germany


15th-16th of October

Duo show with Michelle Mantsio, LCI Melbourne, Australia

28th of July

Open Studios, AADK SPAIN, Blanca, Murcia, Spain


Awarded the Young Talent grant from the Mondriaan Fonds, NL

23rd of June

Open studios, AADK SPAIN, Blanca, Murcia, Spain


Spatiality residency, AADK SPAIN, Blanca, Murcia Spain

Made possible with support from CBK Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fonds


Awarded the O&O subsidie from CBK Rotterdam, NL

27th of January

3,1,1,1, duo show with Michelle Mantsio, Yellow Brick, Athens, Greece

13th of January

3,1,1,1, a duo performance with Michelle Mantsio, RAAR radio, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

6th of January

The chase to be among men, performance at 13 festivalen, Goöteborg, Sweden


18-19th of November,

How to be pow, wow, weii, boom, bam, bing!, duo show with Raluca Croitoru, South Explorer, ONONO, Rotterdam

10th of September

Balcony festival, O-tje, Rotterdam

27th of August

Reading of "Pacifisms; an odyssey", doublet  v, Attent, Rotterdam

17th of April - 17th of May

Writing residency, Hordalands Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway

4th of March - 9th of April

Homecoming Queen, group show at Österängens Konsthall , Jönköping, Sweden

16th of Jan - 17th of Feb

Body as a site, research residency at Banff centre for arts and creativity, Canada. Made possible with support from CBK Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fonds


13th of December

The letter K for Karoshi you lazy bastard will be shown, in a re-mixed version and in collaboration with Katherine MacBride, at the opening of Yellow Brick, Athens, Greece

23rd of November

The Letter U will be performed at Open Avond(s), a performance event hosted and curated by de Apple art center De Appel arts center, Amsterdam

22nd of Oct - 29th of Nov 2016

Scores Towards A Baroque Care, will be part of the competition program at the International Video Art Festival Now&After, at the State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia