Air is a great transmitter of information


HD colour video / Loop / No sound

The videos imagery consists of fragments of a re-staging of a YouTube dance course in which a ballroom swing is thought. The re-enactment is performed by two older women, which are acting out a routine of movements based on still images from the video. The transformation of the still images in to motion again becomes a way to scrutinize the choreography of the dance course. The movements, that is executed towards and between the two bodies, creates a gap in which a non- verbal dialog takes place. This is intensified by the slow-motion pace of the footage and its silence.

Air is a grate transmitter of information is an extension of a research branching in to focusing on power structures, exploitation of human body and control. The work are exploring questions around the politics of the ownership over one’s own body, the complex relation to forces, obedience and trust. The work is a search for where this power of ownership lies, what this consists of and contains.