A practice of a flexible horizon


Performance / 30 min / Performed by Amy Pickles, Daniel Tuomey and Clara J:son Borg

The project A Practice Of A Flexible Horizon was developed during a residency at AADK SPAIN in the summer of 2018.

The performance was shown at the July Open Studios at AADK SPAIN, Blanca and during the show A practice of a flexible horizon in the RET building in Rotterdam.

The lecture performance has an investigative structure of Actor Network Theory. It is putting forward a range of interdisciplinary ideas including; western and colonial division of land; how juridical structures of national registration creates choreography; and how moving can be a physical identity of pleasure. It further looks at western mobility from a historical perspective. 

It investigates situations and elements that have formed western ideas and ideology around the capacity of human mobility. It looks at the different geographical points in Europe which used to be understood as the world’s end; ban of pilgrim travelling in Sweden; European choreographic relationship to open space; scientific studies of our perception of the horizon.


The performance also investigates the chorographical concepts of a smooth space which were put forward by Deleuze and Guattari. They meant that a smooth space is a space created by human movement and provides for a nomadic life. A smooth space is an opposite space to the western space, which is divided by borders. The performers are translating the choreographic writing and concepts back to movements with their bodies. This, to animate the western ideas of nomadism and to raise questions around of western concept about mobility and challenge that perspective.

The project was supported by CBK Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fond.